Social Media Trends for Brands in 2019

05-02-2019By Bojan Senkovski

Social Media Trends for Brands in 2019

It’s a no brainer that now social media platforms have evolved into being our main channels of communication. Youtube is taking over your TV, LinkedIn is taking over your job interviews and Facebook and Instagram are basically taking over your life.

With all these platforms being such an integral part of our lives, even the most conservative of brands are deciding to take part of it.

But here lies the trick. We, as consumers, dictate the trends by deciding what we want to consume and brands need to realize that the content they put out should reflect those needs. In other words, it’s one thing to advertise your product they way you’d ideally want, it’s another to advertise it the way it will grab the attention of your potential customers.

So, let’s take a look at some of trends the brands should pay attention to.


Have you even noticed that the second Instagram Story in the feed is always an ad? No? You will now. Currently, we live our days being constantly bombarded with ads, some of which are poorly targeted, so consumers see things they either don’t want or are not interested in seeing.

Consumers are being flooded with information which drowns them in a sea of irrelevance. Is this product good or bad? Is this brand real or fake? Will the delivery date be respected or will I never get this product? Consumers are unsure of brands because there are so many of them that they become irrelevant.

This is why establishing a strong trust with your customers or fans is critical for success in this age. You can do this in few ways.

1.Authentically connect with your consumers. Put out content which highlights your humanity. Engage with your audience when they reach out to you and connect with them on a meaningful level.

2. Chat bots are on the raise for a reason. When in doubt, the consumers will want to reach out to you and ask for information. Not many brands realize, but a lot of the advertising and marketing happens during this private chats, wheatear that is on your Facebook or Instagram direct messages or via a chat on your website. The consumers want to be heard and understood, and when they feel they received the attention they needed, they are likely to become customers of your service or product.


Yes, everyone knows that storytelling is one, if not, the best way to go when approaching your audience. However, the manner in which you tell these stories is equally important. Brands might think that highly produced content is the way to go but data might show otherwise.

We live in an age where some of the biggest stars are vloggers and youtubers; regular people like everyone else who just happened to find a creative way to share their stories. It’s never flashy or over the top; it’s never Hollywood quality material. It’s just a regular person, holding a phone in the hand, filming the day, sharing the thoughts.

So, with the growth of Stories Format, brands have the opportunity to create content similar to vlogs with more personal and less product-oriented videos. Find your story, build your narrative, get to know your community and enjoy your time with them. Oh, and put out a few selfie videos. Yes, selfies. It may sound or look weird to you at first, but it is currently the most relatable format, since, well, everyone’s making selfies


Having a popular face representing your brand might be a bit different than what you might expect. Maybe It reminds you of those early 2000’s Pepsi ads with Beyoncé and David Beckham, or basically 90% of the Super Bowl ads where they throw in any given celebrity that is famous at the moment. But, no! We’re not talking about those kinds of faces. There are two ways in which you can do this:

1. The face of the owner

Yes, It can be a little tricky or to some extend egoistical, but brands are using this to their advantage and are doing this. Tell me, which did you hear of first? Gary Vaynerchuk or his agency VaynerMedia?

Some brand owners just love to take the stage and shine on the spotlight. They share tips, insight, knowledge and first-hand experience. They talk about their business from a different perspective and consumers love to hear the stories that happen behind the scenes. They get to meet the man behind the product before the product and this gives the brand an extra edge, sort of speak.

2. Influencers as face of the brand

Are you, as brand, fan of the old Pepsi ads mentioned before? Do you want to keep up with the contemporary trends and embrace the digital to your advantage? Then, finding the right influencer for your brand can be the winning combo you’ve been always looking for.

Facebook, Instagram and social media in general gives countless tools to influencers to work their magic and advertise your product and brand in a way other method can’t. It’s direct. It’s honest and there is an already established relationship between the fans and the influencers.

Have in mind, influencers are not only celebrities, but anyone who can influence the mind and the buying habits of your target consumers. Yes, it can be Will Smith or any of the Kardashians, but it can also be any macro celebrity that has small but loyal following. Let’s say you sell paint brushes for artists. Who do you take as your influencer, Kylie Jenner or an artist who’s following list only consists of other established and aspiring artists?

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