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Managing an agile development team

Our teams are the core reason for our success as we know how important it is to build a fully functional team of professionals as a part of a product or a project build. The experience we have gathered through the years gives us the ability to implement the right methodology when managing a team whether it may be Scrum or Kanban.

Agile is a way of life for our company, not only in the field of development and client communications but in all aspects of living. We adapt to the circumstances and the changes we face in everyday business, and other than the knowledge in methodologies we strongly believe in mentoring team members regardless of their seniority level and we heavily invest time in motivating everyone in order to bring the best in our team.

The leadership recognizes rising stars and values their extra effort while always adapting to the client’s needs and goals.

Our processes allow us to restructure the teams and to work successfully via optimized onboarding processes, knowledge sharing, and in a friendly and nurturing environment

Guiding the company’s product vision

Knowing that sometimes it is easy to lose sight of the ultimate goal and big picture, we offer full guidance towards a product rollout having in mind not only the budget but also all the processes that are part of a product build such as analysis and research, product road mapping, transparent reporting and risk mitigation, efficient engineering and development that is always followed by QA and product management. Once we take all of this into consideration, we follow up with resourcing and evaluating the need for tools, technologies, and hardware needs, monitoring the actual usage of the product and improving it based on end-user usage metrics.

Our technology consulting covers all scale companies – from small-sized startup applications to large scale ecosystems, always focusing on quality and meeting the budget and the goals in a timely manner supported by strong research and exceptional engineering skills.

We are aware that sometimes engineering processes are tricky and we work with clients to improve them and add value to everyday work with best practices from our vast experience. We are also aware that sometimes there is the need to know if you are on the right track, so we provide clients with the freedom to let us know if a technical audit is needed

Optimizing budgets to meet goals

Staying on a budget has always been an industry problem which is why it has been a great honor and privilege to be a part of projects where we have always remained under budget and have made possible for our clients to save money on human resources, tools, and server cost by being able to analyze all the parts of a product build before we start the actual work. Another thing we excel at is optimizing the engineering time and effort throughout the work processes. Real-time reports and automation of the repetitive tasks have resulted in cutting cost for a product rollout, and this is another area of expertise for our organization

Building engineering teams capable of carrying out initiatives

Our teams are empowered to innovate and to work together towards the product or company goal.

Being able to understand the engineering mindset and bearing in mind all of our experience and networking in the industry, we are easily able to find new team members, evaluate them, and onboard them in a team specific to the client’s needs.

We work on mentoring, learning together, improving the team on a daily basis and we are able to find the right profile that will be a good match to work with. We put great emphasis on both technical and soft skills as we know the importance of team spirit in a collaborative and rapidly growing environment.

Our success stories in team creation vary from putting together a fully outsourced team dedicated to you as a client, to building the right technical team from our own talent pool with full transparency to the client, or fee-based HR recruitment of your own in-house team, while meeting all the requirements and establishing the team culture and processes

Software architecture

With all the technologies available we are aware that it is sometimes difficult to find the best combination of programming languages, databases, and hardware for your product.

Luckily, our professionals excel at providing the most optimal solution in terms of software architecture that is always able to scale up based on end-user usage or moving from a simple application to a globally used product.

We always think of the need at the moment but never forget the possible future needs and requirements which results in us being able to offer a short term solution that scales automatically in the midterm but also in the long term.

With more than 15 years of experience in different business verticals, we put a lot of focus on technical research and match the perfect technology combination at the moment for the particular software, while always having in mind the industry, the standards, security, and data protection.

Usually, we offer two or more solutions with an elaborate analysis of the pros and cons of each of them based on the specification and our thorough technical research.

We cover almost all known technologies today and are able to create, develop and maintain products as desktop applications, web applications and mobile applications which are spread out to different industries such as medical care, restaurants ordering, DMS, mobile games, earthquake sensors monitoring, air quality sensors monitoring – all served by a robust back end applications accompanied with real time reporting.

Our clients are happy with products that are easy to be updated easy to integrate with other parties such as payment processors and easy to be migrated from one to another hosting provider.

Our services include:

  • Creation & Managing an agile development Team
  • Building engineering teams capable of carrying out initiatives
  • Building a Software Architecture
  • Guiding company’s product vision
  • Optimizing budgets to meet goals

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