Quality Assurance

Independence Validation and Verification (I V&V)

Service approach is as following. We get both the requirements and the completed solution. We verify if requirements are vell defined and if they are covering all edge cases and then we verify if the solution meets the requirements. We create Test Strategy about the types of testing critical for the industry and create the test plan about the functionality that will be tested. Based on a test plan, we create Test Cases, we perform the testing and if we face some issues, we report bugs. We create Test Report with test analyzes about the found issues categorized by Priority and Severity and point out if there are weak points of the application.

QA as a service (AGILE Testing) and Eploratory testing

Service approach is following. QA Engineers are integrated part of the development team and work close about defining the sprint scope, clarifying the User Stories and agree on types of testing. Based on prior created Test Strategy, we create Sprint test plans and test cases. All early found issues are reported directlly to development team and fixed during the development process. All no-critical issues are communicated with client (Product Owner) and prioritize issues when they need to be fixed.

Service approach is following. We get the application that need to be tested and limited time frame. Based on the Skills and Professional Experience, explore the Application and try to identify weak point. If some issues are found, we document the Bugs and create Test Report.

Types of testing

Smoke Test: We identify minimal set of Test Cases (Smoke Test Pack) which can help after new version is introduced to identify quick, if some parts of application are broken or crashing. We perform always when new version is introduced.
Regression Test: We identify set of Test Cases (Regression Test Pack) which can help to identify quick, if some parts of application are broken, after bigger release or after some bug fixes are introduced to the system.
Test Automation: As crucial part of CI/CD is to automate Regression Pack, in order to speed up the process of getting information about the stability of application after each deployment. We have experience with Selenium Web driver with various existing frameworks, but as well we are able to create our own frame work based on the project needs, using the best practices as Page Object Model, Test Driven testing etc.
Functional Testing: We create set of Test Cases that can validate that application meets the requirements.
Non-Functional Testing: We test cases and test strategy in order to check if application meets the non-functional requirements (Security, Performance, Usability etc.)

Business Domain:​

  • Insurance​
  • Telecom​
  • Health​
  • E-Commerce

Our services include:​

  • Smoke Test​
  • Regression Test​
  • Test Automation​
  • Functional Testing​
  • Non-Functional Testing

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