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“Having the right product... Calls for the right strategy” By combining data with creativity, and utilizing the latest technological innovations in the digital marketing world - me and my team have helped multiple clients in varying industries to build out and execute data-driven digital marketing strategies, based on advanced market research & customer data analysis, spreading out on multiple digital channels & technologies to connect the right product to the right customer & help clients digitally transform their business.


Digital Marketing Specialist


20 hours per week

Years of experience

5+ years


2014 - Present

Working as a Digital Marketing Specialist with international clients focusing on the digital transformation of businesses and developing holistic & data-driven digital marketing strategies. 

My main responsibilities and activities involve:

‣ Developing data-driven digital marketing strategies for clients, involving analysis of the current state, defining an ideal buying persona through extensive market research, crafting content strategy & SEO guidelines, defining lead generation funnels, creating social media strategy, defining digital advertising channels, building sales landing pages, as well as integrating client’s mobile & web platforms with Marketing Automation systems. 

‣ Working as a Braze Consultant for implementation of Braze’s cross-channel marketing automation platform through identifying needed integrations between the system and legacy systems, creating an IP warming strategy and managing the setup of an email marketing channel, configuration & setup of multichannel campaigns and customer journeys, as well as end users training & enablement of the Braze platform. 

‣ Product & service conceptualization for clients done on the basis of the Design Thinking methodology involving extensive market & product research, surveying target audience, defining an ideal buying persona, mapping out the customer journey, ideating the solution, prototyping, and testing with real users - all with the end goal to deliver a successful digital product or service, together with a holistic go-to-market strategy. 

‣ Developing multi-channel & data-driven digital marketing strategies & go-to-market strategies for international clients from multiple industries, including Media & Publishing, Insurance, Manufacturing, Software & Mobile Apps. 

‣ Product & market research, including competition analysis, potential markets, and market data analysis, as well as marketing data analysis, including Google Analytics, Google Trends, Moz, etc.

‣ Developing SEO strategies, including SEO analysis of websites and keywords research, writing SEO optimized content for clients' and internal blogs (mostly Tech and Marketing related topics), as well as creating, managing and editing blogs (Wordpress, Weebly, etc.)

‣ Copywriting and content writing for various needs, including taglines, campaign slogans, etc, as well as designing visuals for social media and blogs' needs (Illustrator, Sketch & Photoshop)

‣ Managing social media accounts for various clients, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, running social media advertising campaigns, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Ads

Other skills
Team Management
Facebook Management
Social Media Management